Our first Wondrium Journey allows you to recreate the experiences found in Exploring the Mayan World. You will have a chance to join archaeologist, explorer, and instructor Dr.  Edwin Barnhart, the director of the Maya Exploration Center, to climb temples, swim in cenotes, taste tequila, make chocolate, plus much, much more.


Wondrium Journeys are coordinated through Academic Travel Abroad. If you have questions or want to book your trip, you can call at 1-877-298-9677 or email Reservations@academic-travel.com.

Experience education through exploration with Wondrium Journeys

Our new academic adventures include:

Expert guides—who wrote the book, or in this case, taught the course—on location, giving amazing insights and information about every locale.

Engaging, educational, and fun-filled itineraries, recreating the learning experiences found in The Great Courses.

Limited group sizes, providing an individual and personal experience.

Worry-free travel packages, including all accommodations, meals, transportation, and tours.

The Great Courses, is known for transporting armchair adventurers to foreign lands, immersing them in new cultures and traditions, providing stunning visuals, getting up close and personal with the locals, and uncovering hidden cultural gems. All the while, we supplement the international excursions with insightful information, history, and context from our trusted experts. These virtual travels are the next best thing to actually traveling. But what if you COULD travel to the destinations that you’ve learned about alongside The Great Courses? 


Introducing Wondrium Journeys.  


We’ve created Wondrium Journeys in conjunction with Academic Travel Abroad in order to give you the unique opportunity to experience our Great Courses in real life.

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